Ballast Point Brewing – Black Marlin Porter

Published On August 20, 2015 | By Stephen Rubke | Anything Beer, Beer Reviews

Ballast Point Brewing has been a respectable force in the ultra competitive San Diego beer landscape. Historically, I’ve found their lineup to be more moderate in character than the more notorious Stone and equally capable Green Flash. Their fish/nautical themed beers are consistently well rounded and I’m never hesitant to sample their wares.

This porter effort is very solid. Robust and malty, with hints of chocolate and coffee. This is the way more porters should be: big and bold, but not a total knockout. Definitely one of the more delicious porters I’ve tasted in recent memory.
It’s a serious beer my most measures, and probably wouldn’t go over well with a casual crowd. Beer snobs, however, should approve. I give it a 4/5. Definitely give it a try!

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