Clown Shoes Brewing – Undead Party Crasher

Published On August 25, 2015 | By Stephen Rubke | Anything Beer, Beer Reviews

Clown Shoes Brewing out of Ipswich, Massachusetts is an entertaining deal. The name, the story and label artwork all combine to create an unforgettable bottle of beer. Conveniently, their beers are also delicious.

Apparently, Clown Shoes started out as a liquor store that decided to start brewing and distributing their own beer. Lucky for us. I’ve had some of their other offerings and my log shows that they’ve never failed to impress me. When I saw this imperial stout sitting on the shelf, I had no hesitation grabbing a bottle.

What we have here is a magnificent example of the breed. Full bodied, robust, and punchy. All the while maintaining a smooth flavor profile that neither overwhelms nor bores. It’s nearly perfect, but it lacks the amazing complexity of great bottles like W00tstout or Parabola.

4.5/5. It would be a mistake to bypass this bottle.

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