El Segundo Brewing Co – Two 5 Left DIPA

Published On August 13, 2015 | By Stephen Rubke | Anything Beer, Beer Reviews

El Segundo Brewing Co resides near the beach in the shadow of the Los Angeles International Airport. Most of their beers are named in honor of local landmarks and features; and the double IPA is a tribute to LAX’s southernmost runway.

[Full disclosure: I am an airline pilot who comes from an aviation family that has strong roots in LAX. My parents both worked there as did my uncles and grandfather. I grew up watching airplanes takeoff from Imperial Hill in El Segundo and my very first takeoff at the controls of an airliner was made from runway 25R. I consider LAX to be my spiritual and ancestral home. As such, readers should consider this review to be highly biased.]
Two 5 Left DIPA is quite simply the greatest beer ever brewed.

Just kidding. It is pretty damn good though. It lives among the stronger IPAs that deliver full flavor without being overly hoppy. Very piney in character, but smooth. At 8%, it even silences people who complain about some doubles being “too strong”. Seriously, who are those people.

If it label art were factored into my scoring, I’d give this a perfect 5. But realistically, it seems like a developmental beer for a young brewery that’s growing into something impressive. 4/5. If you see it, buy it. Cheers.

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