Helping Those In Need… By Buying Beer? Yes, Thanks To Miir

Published On December 12, 2014 | By Jeff Glucker | Anything Beer, Technology

If there were a way to help other people while also drinking some delicious beer, you’d be up for something like that right? Unless you’re a totally selfish bag of douche, the answer is a firm, emphatic “Yes!” That’s because you’d be enjoying the stuff that tastes great in your stomach while also enjoying a bit of that stuff that tastes great in your heart and soul.

There’s a company out there that can help you do just that, and they’re called Miir.

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Originally conceived and created by founder Brian Papé, the organization has flourished thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. the Miir mission is to bring clean drinking water to those in need around the globe. I stumbled across this product… er, perhaps stumbled is the wrong word choice as I was only on my first beer of the evening. Regardless, I found this product while sitting at the bar at Four Sons Brewing in Huntington Beach. This bar will be more familiar to you soon, as we feature it in an upcoming episode of Beer Snob.

While sampling their delicious offerings, I noticed they had the standard glass growlers on the back shelf but some really cool looking stainless growlers were set out as well. Curious to learn more, I asked the crew what they were about and I was even more intrigued once I heard the answer.

The growler is a double-walled, vacuum-insulated steel growler that is great at getting beer cold, but also great at keeping hot liquids or soups warm. It’s guaranteed not to leak, and it makes sweet love to your 64 ounces of beer while it’s being stored in your fridge. I may have made up one of those facts, and I will let you guess which one that is.

More importantly, the growler purchase comes with a tag attached to it that explains a bit more about the company producing the vessels. On one of the tags is a small bracelet with a charm that has the Miir logo and a code number. You head to the Miir website, register the bracelet with the code on the charm, and that’s it. When I say “that’s it” what I mean is that you’ve just setup a process by which someone in need is going to get clean drinking water.

In 6-18 months, Miir will provide proof back to you that this was done based on your purchase. This is done by way of supplying GPS information and photos of the work done thanks to your purchase of a growler. Yes, the growler is much more expensive than a glass one. A standard growler is around $10 at your average brewery, while a Miir one runs about $50. That’s a hefty premium, but the Miir growler offers the advantage of being better, looking far cooler, and you know, the whole helping humanity thing.

Miir also offers up bicycles, which they are selling to you and I and donating to those in need. So get off your ass and get some beer in a Miir growler, then maybe ride home on your Miir bike (if you have the dough to drop on one, as they range in price from just under $500 to over $1300).

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