How to step up your beer photographs

Published On October 21, 2014 | By Jeff Glucker | Beer Questions

We love taking pictures of beer almost as much as we love drinking the stuff. Well… okay, we love drinking it way more than taking pictures, but snapping shots of your favorite brews is fun too. Typically we either pop stuff on our Instagram account or on Facebook, and we snag the pics with our phones. Occasionally, if we’re feeling not lazy, we’ll grab the bigger cameras and take some photos that have a bit more thought put into them.

What about those shots you see in print ads though, how do photographers pull those off? It’s not quite as simple as finding a nice spot, letting some condensation form, and snapping away. In fact, there’s a lot of effort and skill required to get a good shot, and the folks at just put out a great video showing a behind-the-scenes look at how they would get such a shot.

Hop past the break to watch the clip.

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