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Published On July 9, 2015 | By Stephen Rubke | Anything Beer, Beer Reviews

In the race to add new and original ingredients to craft beer, Eugene, Oregon brewers Ninkasi have sent yeast into space to create Ground Control. Gimmicky though it may be, one can’t help but admire that kind of willingness to attempt innovation.

The concept rides on the back of the emerging civilian space economy. Ninkasi apparently worked with a couple of different firms to send yeast into space. Apparently this is not as straightforward as you might imagine as the first attempt resulted in the yeast being lost in the Nevada desert for a few weeks and becoming unusable. The second attempt, however, was a success.
And what do we get for all of this effort? An exceptionally smooth stout that’s also fairly pricey. Obviously, any real connection between the zero gravity yeast and the finished product are indecipherable. It’s an excellent beer, but certainly not the best I’ve ever had.
It really is a good example of an imperial stout though. Thick, layered, but not overly complex or alcoholy despite ringing in 10%. Very noticeable hints of chocolate are also present.
I score this a 4.5/5. It’s fantastic, but at $20 a bottle, maybe not living up to the hype. Price aside, there are some legendary beers in this category, so 4.5 is a very respectable score. Try it if you can justify the price.

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