Pairing your beer… with Girl Scout cookies

Published On January 23, 2015 | By Jeff Glucker | Anything Beer

Food and beer go together so wonderfully that there’s a whole world out there devoted to pairing the hop juice with delicious bites. A pale ale goes great with a burger, put a tripel with something spicy, and order a hefeweizen next time you’re enjoying some sushi.

There’s another bit of culinary bliss out there that could go quite well with beer. We’re talking about Girl Scout cookies, and someone has taken the time and effort to create a list of proper pairing partners for the beloved grocery-store-exterior peddled snacks.

The editors of Craft Beer & Brewing teamed up with a handful of other beer lovers to curate a list of beers that go perfectly alongside a tray full of the various Girl Scout cookie varieties. Apparently Firestone Walker’s Sucaba is the perfect compliment to Samoas (the best cookie, no argument or debate on this one). Alesmith’s Speedway Stout and Thin Mints are a match made in heaven.

For the full list, head to Craft Beer & Brewing.

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