Sierra Nevada Hoptimum

Published On July 6, 2015 | By Stephen Rubke | Anything Beer, Beer Reviews

From legendary California brewer, Sierra Nevada, Hoptimum enters its second year of bottling. This high powered IPA represents yet another escalation in the hop arms race among west coast brewers. Intense flavor and high ABV mark this as a weapon of mass craftiness.

It’s what some have come to expect in the craft beer scene: a beer that no major brewery would dare produce because it appeals to such a narrow demographic. And where you sit on the beer drinkers pie chart will likely determine your reaction to this powerful brew.
Me? I think it’s fantastic precisely for the reasons the average Coors Light drinker would hate it. It can’t be ignored or taken lightly. This beer demands your undivided attention. Until you’ve had a couple, then your attention will be hard to focus.
In the realm of great IPAs, it’s very good. But its over-hopped recipe and 100IBU rating make it something of an exhibitionist at the expense of balance and smoothness. 4/5. I would drink this any day of the week and recommend it to any beer drinker worth their salt, but there are a few better IPAs out there.

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