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Published On November 21, 2014 | By Jeff Glucker | Apps, Technology

We have seen beer trends change and develop over the years and now with technology right at our fingertips, the landscape of breweries/bars and how they are reaching the beer consumer is ever-changing. With the advent of the smartphone, soon followed the app. Now, I am assuming that you are wondering what this all has to do with beer???

Well how about a beer app? I had the opportunity to interview Melani and Jeff Gordon, long time craft beer enthusiasts and tech entrepreneurs who co-founded an incredible app called the TapHunter. They had always wished there was an easy way to locate their favorite brews and to see their favorite bar’s beer list. So they brought their two passions together and created this amazing app!

During the process of building the app, they realized that there was a marketplace need for a tool that helped bar owners automate the daily tasks of managing and marketing their ever-changing beverage program. So they talked with many local bar owners and created the tool that would help them the most! A tool where they can update their beer list in one place and it will automatically update everything else for them too (social media, print, website, the TapHunter app, and digital beer boards, if available). Mel and Jeff also found that if the bar owners got something else in return other than an updated app, then they would be much more likely to keep it up-to-date! Therefore, the app as well as the back-end tools for bar owners was born!

Mel stated that it is very important to remember two things, “TapHunter is a free mobile app and a set of tools for bar owners. Both would not run without each other, so although they are different they go hand-in-hand. We absolutely love all of our app fans as well as our customers. We actually have a 99% retention rate with our customers that we are super proud of!”

When I asked Mel what the future held for TapHunter, she mentioned an expansion that began eight months ago to include spirits of all kinds. Now bar owners can include this tool for their beer and spirit selections on two separate categories so that the consumer has this information right at their fingertips on the app. Within the next year, they plan to add wine onto their platform as well. They want to incorporate all things beverage!

Currently, the majority of their customers are located all over the U.S. including San Diego, Orange County, Los Angles, San Francisco Bay, Phoenix, Denver, Philly, Houston, Dallas, and many other cities. They even have a few customers in Canada, New Zealand, and one in Australia! They are planning to expand to even more locations in the future.

When I asked if they got started because of a particular bar, Mel said “Slater’s 50/50 was one of our first customers. Mark Schultz, the beverage director over there, is a close friend and was one of our first customers. He was a great help in telling us what pains bar owners have and really illustrating what kind of tool they need! So we built it! Mark now manages 7 locations with over 600+ different craft beers on tap that are rotating daily. He says if TapHunter shut down for the day, Slater’s would shut down for the day.”

So for all of you consumers out there who have been dreaming of an app like this, you can go to to find more information. If you are a bar or brewery owner and want to learn more about their B2B tools, please go to .

Hopefully one day we will be able to monitor all brewery, bar, and restaurant inventory so that we will be able to make informed decisions before heading out for the night.


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