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Published On September 1, 2015 | By Stephen Rubke | Anything Beer, Beer Reviews
When you count yourself as a beer snob, you might be inquired upon to answer the question “What is your favorite beer?” or “What’s the best beer you’ve ever tasted?” Your answer to these questions will carry great weight not only for the inquisitor, but will also establish your credibility as a beer aficionado.

Or not. The craft beer world seems as diverse as the music world these days and one person’s Mozart is another person’s NSYNC. A good friend of mine who enjoys craft beer, for instance, happens to despise Pliny the Elder. And who am I to judge his incorrect opinions and terrible taste? With that in mind, I personally claim W00tstout as my favorite beer of all… At least, until something more amazing (inevitably?) comes along.

W00tstout has everything I love about beer and craft beer in particular. It’s dark and strong and packed with flavors and character. It’s like a race car in a world of sports cars. It achieves that rarest of imperial stout profiles that starts strong, shows you a multitude of flavors like coffee and chocolate in perfect balance, and then finishes so incredibly smoothly. Its 13%ABV is barely noticeable in the taste. This is maximum beer. This is, to me, perfection.

The fact that it comes as a collaboration between one of my favorite brewers (Stone) and a really cool human in general (Wil Wheaton… call me?), and another guy who seems to be reasonably cool (Drew Curtis) only adds to the legend of this great beer. Throw in some fun label art for the icing on the cake. Every year it’s special. Every year it’s amazing. 5/5

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