What goes best with Sushi?

Published On August 19, 2014 | By Jeff Glucker | Beer Questions

We here at Beer Snob love all manner of brew varieties. Each type of beer can be paired perfectly with a situation, weather condition, or food dish. It doesn’t need to be expensive, heavily hopped, or a certain color either, as we often remind ourselves when heading to our favorite sushi spot. The average Japanese beer (at least, the kind we experience here in the States) is a very light, crisp, and refreshing malted beverage. It serves a similar task as the ginger placed neatly on the table.

Japanese beer acts as a bit of a palette cleanser between bites of tasty fish.

There are a handful of choices out there, but Kirin, Asahi, and Sapporo all seem to pop up most often. Orion makes an appearance on occasion as well. Still, we want to hear about other Japanese beers that we haven’t tried yet.

What is your favorite beer to pair with sushi?

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  1. Mobi-Growler says:

    Check out #MobiGrowler friends & brewery partners Solid Rock Brewing from Spicewood Tx. who set out to brew a beer that would pair well with sushi, and nailed it!

    From first hand experience we can attest their #Cho’Sen hybrid is full-on approved as perhaps the best to pair with sushi!

    Check them out and #takeitwithyou via Mobi-Growler to your favorite BYOB Sushi Bar!


    Cheers friends,
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